Saturday, July 17, 2010

12 Inch "Burger" Joins the Foot-Long Club

50 Carl's Jr. restaurants throughout Southern California and 50 Hardee's units throughout Indiana are currently testing a cheeseburger sold as a foot-long sandwich with 3 burger patties and 3 slices of cheese. The "burger" costs $4 without tomatoes and lettuce and $4.50 with them.

Has the fast food industry completely lost it's mind?

Subway is famous for their $5 foot-long but did they take it too far when they started offering foot-long steak and cheese omelets on their new breakfast menu?  Just this month Sonic added a foot-long hot dog for $2.99 and apparently, Quiznos is looking to launch a $5 prime rib foot-long this fall. The battle to create value by way of super-sizing food has gotten truly grotesque.

According to Carl's Jr. marketing chief, Brad Haley, the foot-long "burger" was created to appeal to their core customer : 18 to 24 year old males. The sandwich has a whopping 850 calories and 20 grams of saturated fat.

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