Sunday, August 1, 2010


We all know how costly bottled water is. I cringe every time I fork over the cash for a liter of Fiji water but I love bottled water so I do it anyways. I am not alone. Americans spend $17 billion every year on bottled water.

The folks at Bobble searched for a way to satisfy their desire for fresh, clean, portable water while simultaneously minimizing the effects that bottled water has on our environment (most empty bottles end up on sidewalks or in our oceans and landfills). They decided to reinvent the water bottle. After two years of dedicating themselves to the project they proudly presented The Bobble, a filtered water bottle that is made in the USA, FDA approved, recycled, and reusable. 

Each 18.5 oz bottle sells for $9.95 and you can pick from six color options including: green, red, yellow, black, magenta, and blue. With this bottle you can have access to clean water everywhere you go...pretty awesome. Each filter provides you with 300 bottles of water (40 gallons) and so you can expect to replace your filter ($7 each) every 2 months or so depending on how much water you drink. The filters are made of activated carbon which has a slight electro-positive charge that attracts chemicals and impurities. When water passes through the filter the negative ions of the contaminates are drawn to the surface area of the carbon granules. Genius engineering. 

Buy one HERE.  

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