Sunday, August 15, 2010

Keep your Bubbly Bubbly

According to a recent study in last month's Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry there are two main factors to consider if you want to ensure that your champagne of choice stays bubbly once poured into a flute:

1. Keep it COLD.  The higher the temperature of your champagne, the higher its carbon dioxide (bubble) loss during the pouring process; low temperatures prolong the drinks chill and help it to retain its effervescence. Note: Anything below 39 degrees is considered "cold"

2. Pour your champagne LIKE A BEER. Sommeliers are taught to pour champagne straight to the bottom of the glass in a steady even flow until the glass is filled but this study has proven that it is actually better to pour the champagne down the side of the glass like a beer. The researchers found that pouring down the side preserved up to twice as much carbon dioxide as pouring it straight down the flute. Fact: champagne typically contains 9 grams of dissolved carbon dioxide per bottle before you open it

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