Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 2

We received 3 textbooks and our knife bag today. I was expecting a bag that might contain four or five knives. The bag ended up containing much more than that. I laid out everything when I got home from school. Here's a little peak at the contents of the knife bag:

Our lesson today included an introduction to French vocabulary (we received 50 words to memorize) and knife cuts. We had to demonstrate three different cuts using two russet potatoes. 

#1 - Pont Neuf [PON nuff] :
 a variation of the Batonnet ("little stick" in French) which refers to cutting a vegetable into sticks. 
Pont Neuf specifically refers to cutting potatoes into l cm sticks

#2 - Mignonette :
also a variation of the Batonnet, but it specifically refers to smaller 1/2 cm potato sticks

#3 - Macedoine [may SAY dawn] :
refers to cutting vegetables into small 4 to 5 mm square cubes

Here is my work from today:

Ever wonder if you are holding a knife properly? Well, wonder no more!
Your hand should be on both the top of the blade and the handle grip of the knife for optimal control as shown in the picture below.

On a final note, something to live by: 

Early is On-time
On-time is Late
Late is Unacceptable

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  1. I'm going to be living vicariously through you and your journey. so jealous. so lucky!!!