Thursday, September 30, 2010

Late Night All Night Cheeseburger Flavored Doritos

I just saw a commercial for 5 minutes ago. 

Doritos were created by Arch West in 1964 and released by Frito-Lay as the first tortilla chip to be distributed nationally. Since their initial  creation there has been an array of unique flavors including and not limited to: Nacho Cheese, Cool Ranch, Cooler Ranch, Taco, Chipotle Ranch, Jalapeno Popper, Hot Wings Blue Cheese, Habanero Guacamole, Cheesy Enchilada Sour Cream, and Pizza Cravers Ranch. 

In 2008, Doritos released a "mystery flavor" and gave prizes to those who could solve pieces of the mystery puzzle. What was that mystery flavor you ask? You won't believe it. I didn't. It was Mountain Dew. Yes, Mountain Dew flavored Doritos.  

I guess after knowing this I shouldn't have been so surprised to see a commercial for cheeseburger flavored Doritos...but I was. If I'm craving a late night cheeseburger I'm going straight to In-n-out ...well at least I would have gone there back when I was a resident of the fine state of California. I'll let you know when I find something even close to being comparable up here in Seattle although I highly doubt that will happen (no offense to the state of Washington)...a girl can hope. 

Thoughts on this Dorito flavor madness? anyone? ...anyone?

Bueller? ....Bueller?...Bueller?


  1. Buellerrrrrrr! Hahaha

    On a more serious note.... Doritos has crossed the line. Just gross. Who are they marketing towards? What demographic ? Truck drivers?

    I had in n out yesterday .....animal style. I'm sorry.

  2. truck drivers!! good call!! SO on point.

  3. There is something sick about them. When I think about doritos, specific flavor is irrelevant because this holds for all of them, I feel a bit sick. "Why would I ever eat that" i think. But when I see a bright orange rainbow speckled bowl full of them (what made those blue flecks in the cool ranch in the early 90's so appetizing anyway?)about half the time I will eat one. And you can never have just one, that is the crazy thing. The taste is secondary to the need to follow one with another, and more still. Sick!