Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 24

Today we made a Seafood and Artichoke Salad (Salade Bretonne) with a Saffron Vinaigrette. 

First we cooked the mussels a la mariniere [mah-reen-yehr] - literally "mariner's style" - with butter, white wine, shallots, and fresh herbs.  The mussels only take about 5 minutes to cook once you add them to your saucepan.

Other ingredients in the salad included artichokes, white beans, cauliflower, leeks, celery, shrimp, tomatoes, and Italian parsley. We dressed the salad with a beautiful Saffron vinaigrette composed of Spanish Saffron, cooking juices from the mussels, red wine vinegar, white beans (great thickening agent), garlic, oil, salt and pepper. 

This salad was served cold - everything was chilled before tossing with vinaigrette and serving. 

It was super tasty!

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  1. So cool, beautiful results. Snag that saffron tin, chef!