Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 26 -28

The first 6 six weeks of school was a class called Culinary Foundation I and upon completion of that class we ended last week with 3 finals - a written test, a knife skills test, and an emulsion test (we had to make perfect mayo and hollandaise sauce) and then we had a few days off before the start of a new class called Culinary Foundations II that began this last Monday. This class is a whole new ballgame. 

For the last 6 weeks our Chef instructor would take 2 hours and guide us through the steps as he created a sauce or dish. We would sit on metal bar stool-looking chairs and observe, comment, and question as he went along. Our new classroom has no chairs  but instead we are all at our own individual stations complete with our own gas range, oven, prep area, and flat screen TVs that show live footage of what our new Chef instructor is working on during his lecture and demo. 

On Day 26 we received our course outline for the next 6 weeks, discussed new expectations and produced veal stock. 

On Day 27 we produced fish fumet, chicken stock, and roux white, blond, and brown.

On Day 28 (today) we each had to make 5 sauces.
Holy multi-tasking nightmare....our class was a cluster  ______  (you fill in the blank). We each had to produce Sauce Veloute, Sauce Allemande, Sauce Bechamel Moderne, Sauce Mornay, and Sauce Espagnole. During that same time frame we were mass producing veal and chicken stock as a team. Just last week we were leisurely watching our instructor produce one or two sauces a day and now we are on our own creating 5 sauces and 2 stocks in one class period.... such an insane day in the kitchen. 

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