Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 30-31

mise en place. mise en place. mise en place. 

The last two class periods were dedicated to perfecting sauces and our miss en place. We produced hollandaise, buerre blanc, remoulade [rem-you-lawd], robert [row-bear], and mornay [more-nay] sauce. 

The remoulade was tres divine - it made me wish I had a few dungeness crab cakes on hand. 

For the remoulade we first produced some mayonnaise and then added some finely chopped capers, gherkins (those little mini pickles), chervil, tarragon. and dijon mustard.  

Also, we've been utilizing a whole lot of butter!  Between the hollandaise and the buerre blanc it can get sort of crazy - I usually end of going through about 3-4 pounds of butter per class period because, well, that's how the French roll. It's simply glorious. 

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