Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 37-38

Day 37 focused on the understanding of grains. Grains are the edible seeds of various members of the grass family.  We produced tabbouleh salad, polenta (Italian-style cornmeal), and wheatberries with pecans and poblanos.  

Day 38 was all about potatoes. Potatoes are classified by their starch content and there are two main types: waxy and mature/starchy. The term "new potato" refers to any potato that is harvested before it is mature, while the leaves and stems are still green. New potatoes have low starch content, thin skin, and are usually small, but that is not always true.  

We produced Pommes Anna (layered potatoes fried in butter), Pommes Duchesse (stiff mashed potatoes that can be piped from a pastry bag and baked), Gratin Dauphinoise (potatoes baked in cheese and cream), and Latkes (potato pancakes)... Such a heavenly day. 

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