Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 47-48

Our second wave of finals. We will be taking finals every 6 weeks to determine if we are competent enough to move on to the next class level. We took a 100 question written test and then produced two different dishes. Day 47 was our fish final. We had to produce a perfectly poached fillet of salmon with a beurre blanc sauce, rice pilaf, and blanched zucchini all within a given time period. I made a rice pilaf with shallots, onions, and fresh lemon zest. I also topped my dish with a fresh herb salad composed of dill, parsley, and celery leaves. 

Day 48 was our meat final. We had to produce a perfect lamb stew over a classic tabbouleh salad (cous cous, tomato, cucumber, parsley, lemon, olive oil) topped with  sauteed green beans, peas, and glazed pearl onions, turnips, and carrots.  (Getting your vegetables cooked perfectly is SO much more difficult than you might think!) 

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