Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 49

We were supposed to have a third day of finals but instead our instructors decided to host a little crepe competition. We spent of last day of class before winter break making apple butter, taffy, and crepes.

 We combined with another class and were assigned to create two original crepes, one savory and one sweet. I decided to get crazy and play with the flavors in my crepe batter as well. My sweet crepe was a hazelnut cinnamon chocolate crepe filled with nutella, hazelnut kahlua, and caramelized bananas. It was topped with bruleed banana and crumbled amaretto cookies. My savory crepe was infused with fresh spinach and filled with a mexican egg scramble. I used crumbled cojita cheese, tomatoes, bacon, onions, cilantro, and avocado in the scramble. I topped the crepe with a cilantro sour cream.  

As for the taffy, I made a neon purple coconut taffy and a neon pink cinnamon taffy. Candy-making was quite the experience. 

Classes will reconvene on 1/4/11. 

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