Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 57

After shoveling the snow out of my driveway at 4am I was able to get my car into the street. The only problem was that I still needed to get about 50 feet up to the main road where there would be tire tracks versus the 10 inches of fresh undisturbed snow on my street. I shifted into first gear. Fishtail left. Fishtail right. Back tires spinning. Clearly this car was not built for snow. Stuck and feeling defeated as the snow flurries turned into massive rain raindrops,  I called my sleeping boyfriend who rushed out in his pjs and uggs with a snow shovel and a box of my nice kosher sea salt.  Now it is 4:45am. Out of nowhere, a 75-year old ex-marine showed up (he sort of looked like Clarence, the angel from It's a Wonderful Life)  with his snow shovel in hand and he too, began digging and scraping. Forty-five minutes later I made it onto the main road. 

Oy vey. 

Once I made it to class (with 2 minutes to spare nonetheless) things went much smoother. We were assigned to make Turkey Scaloppini and an appetizer with that chicken galantine that we poached 2 days earlier. I also produced a third dish of grilled barbecue chicken. I served the curry chicken galantine with grilled baguette, a little butter lettuce salad, and a delicious mango chutney. 

I served the turkey scaloppini with a shitake mushroom veloute [sauce], roasted zucchini and shallots, potato croquettes, and sauteed mushrooms. Potato croquettes are these wonderful little panko-coated and deep-fried balls of whipped potatoes...need I say more?  

For the grilled chicken I made a barbecue sauce and served it over classic whipped potatoes. I garnished the dish with fried chives and some fresh herb oil. The barbecue sauce was so delicious. Oh how I love barbecue sauce. 

Our instructor, Chef Frerichs, also prepped some calf's liver for tomorrow's production. He portioned the liver and then submerged it in milk with some spices (chili flakes, rosemary, and tarragon). 

More on the liver tomorrow!

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