Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 60

Today was super fun. We started class off by portioning a beef tenderloin into beautiful cuts of filet mignon ( French for "dainty filet").  We were then assigned to serve the filet with hollandaise sauce, roasted asparagus, and our choice of starch (I chose whipped potatoes).  Once the dish was completed we plated it two ways to show versatility in presentation. 

The first presentation showcased the steak whole with deep-fried potato peels as the garnish.  

The second presentation showcased the steak cut in half and it was garnished with a bit of olive oil dressed watercress. 

Next we were to create a duck confit ravioli with sauce of our choice made with pasta that was rolled by hand - no pasta machines allowed! For the filling I shredded the duck and mixed it in with some ricotta cheese, egg, fresh sage, salt, and pepper. I topped the ravioli with a black cherry butter sauce and some crispy fried sage leaves. I loved the flavor profile but my hand-rolled pasta ended up being a little too thick but it was the best I could do in the given time frame....practice will make perfect. 

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