Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 70

Today was a lot like an episode of The Food Network's Chopped. Before class had even begun we were told we had 10 minutes to create an amuse bouche using whatever we could find in our classroom dry storage and reach-in coolers. 

I sauteed a few thin slices of a baby yukon gold potato in red wine and shallot compound butter and  then topped it with a roasted garlic clove and some fresh chives. 

Next we moved on to our daily production. First we were assigned to create an appetizer using the cajun sausage that we made yesterday and we had to include collard greens, polenta, and tomato sauce. I made a quick marinara sauce and polenta with parmesan cheese and butter. I served the sausage on top of the polenta with deep-fried collard green "chips" that turned out super crunchy and delicious.

Next we had to utilize the french roasted garlic sausage (also from yesterday) with a perfect french omelet and hash brown potatoes. I filled my omelet with cheddar cheese and topped it with the sausage, roasted asparagus tips, sour cream, and a touch of sriracha sauce. 

 Finally as we were cleaning up our stations for the day we were again given 10 minutes to create a bite-sized dessert - this time in teams of two  - that had to include the following ingredients: strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, clover honey, and kiwi.  Cassie Bacon (Yes, her last name is really "Bacon") and I thinly sliced a sweet potato, dipped it in powdered sugar, deep-fried it, and then used measuring spoons to mold it into a little cup. We put a reduction of fresh blackberries, raspberries, honey, and rosemary in the bottom of the little cup (and underneath it), and topped it with a salsa of fresh strawberry and kiwi.  

Nothing like a little friendly competition in the kitchen.

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