Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 72

Today we were assigned to make a scallop appetizer followed by a soup of our choice followed by an entree of poached salmon.  For my scallop dish I decided to season my scallops with curry, honey, salt, and pepper. I pan seared them and served them over braised leeks with a beurre blanc sauce and some fresh herb oil. 

For the soup course I made an onion and thyme soup with a veal stock base that I topped with a cheddar cheese "cracker".

I serve my poached salmon over a quinoa salad with a beurre rouge sauce, and roasted asparagus tips. I topped the salmon with the stalks of the asparagus that I had peeled into "noodles".

After tasting my salmon dish, Chef Frerichs noted that it was "damn good" and that he would definitely "order it at a restaurant" ....pretty decent feedback... woo!

We also smoked the salmon that we marinated yesterday. After it finished smoking we flaked it and we are going to use it for a topping when we make bagels from scratch tomorrow. 

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