Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 74

We started the week off with a bit of Indian-influenced cuisine. We were assigned to produce grilled lamb kabobs with cucumber raita, Moroccan cous cous, and grilled naan bread.  We also had to make an appetizer of fried calamari with four different dipping sauce options.  Instead of making one type of calamari with four sauces I decided to make calamari two ways with two sauces each.  

First I made an Asian-inspired calamari with a creamy ponzu sauce and a thai lime sauce for dipping. I garnished the dish with fresh mint.

The second calamari was a sort of an Italian-inspired  fritto misto with fried lemon wheels mixed in with the calamari pieces. I served this one with a warm marinara sauce, garlic aioli, and fresh parsley.

For the entree course I first marinated my lamb in red wine, garlic, and rosemary and then grilled it with some red onion.   My cous cous was laced with currants, fresh citrus zest, mint, and shallots.  I pureed my cucumber raita (a spiced cucumber yogurt sauce) so that it was smooth versus it being super chunky as it is meant to be traditionally. I garnished the dish with grilled scallions. 

I was beyond happy with all of my dishes.... solid day in the kitchen. 

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