Thursday, February 3, 2011

How to Cook a Wolf

I had the pleasure of dining at one of Chef Ethan Stowell's Seattle restaurants, How to Cook a Wolf, last night and it was a fantastic experience. The restaurant is nestled in upper Queen Anne and unless you know what you are looking for you probably wouldn't even notice it from the street. Once inside the humble exterior you find yourself in a cozy little space with lots of warm wood, stonework, candlelight, and an unexpected mixture of 80's revival and indie music which somehow adds to the ambiance. There are only about 25 table seats and then there are maybe another 15 up at the bar. The food is simple, straightforward, and rustic paired with an Italian-inlfuenced wine list. The menu is composed of mostly small plates and about half a dozen pasta dishes. 

I started off with one of their house cocktails, The Sophia, a mixture of St. Germain, lemon juice, and prosecco and then we moved on to a bottle of 2007 Cappellano Dolcetto d' Alba.  We decided to share a selection of things which was a great idea  as there were so many delicious-looking items on the menu. First we had the Beef Tongue with radish, aioli, and chive which was rich and wonderful once you block out the idea that you are eating super thinly sliced tongue.

Next it was Grilled Octopus with currants, cucumber, and chickpeas and the Roasted Beets with pistachio, orange, fennel, and Mothais Sur Feuille (ultra creamy goat's milk cheese) which were beautifully composed.

Next we had a plate of Yellowfin Crudo with avocado, serrano chili, and lime. It might have been the best and freshest yellowfin tuna that I have ever had - it absolutely melted in your mouth. 

After that we had the Duck Confit which was served over fingerling potatoes, escarole, and salsa verde. I honestly would have licked the salsa verde  off the plate if that was a sociably acceptable dining practice. The flavor of this dish was just incredible. My mouth waters just thinking about it. 

For dessert, our server suggested the newest addition to the menu, their chocolate brownie served with caramel and pistachio ice cream. The perfect ending to our meal - it was simple and seamlessly executed.

How to Cook a Wolf
2208 Queen Anne Ave N.
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 838-8090 

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