Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 86

Today we spent more time working with pâte à choux [paht au SHOO]. We made churros (aka Spanish doughnuts) which are deep-fried and then tossed in cinnamon sugar and swans - yes swans - and even though they might be having a popular year (thanks to Natalie Portman and her role as The Black Swan) these little pastries are as classically old school French as it gets. You have to make the bodies and the necks/heads separately and then fill the bodies with pastry cream and whipped cream before attaching the "2" shaped necks and....viola! 

I also worked with some puff pastry. I made some turnovers filled with dark sweet cherries and Cypress Grove fromage blanc (goat cheese). The tangy-ness of the goat cheese with the sweetness of the cherries was simply divine. 

We finished the day by prepping some pie dough for tomorrow's class - both a short dough and a mealy pie dough.  I am seriously looking forward to making pies. My earliest memory of pie is one that I hold very dear. It involves someone that most of you may also know. Her name is Snow White.

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