Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 87

Today we made an American icon: the apple pie. Back during World War II when reporters would ask the American soldiers why they were going to war a common (and famous) answer was, "for mom and apple pie".  In the 1960's the phrase "as American as apple pie" was coined. I added some blueberries to my granny smith apple pie filling and made a classic lattice upper crust. 

According to the book, America in So Many Words: Words That Have Shaped America by Allen Metcalf and David K. Barnhart, “Since the earliest colonial days, apple pies have been enjoyed in America for breakfast, for an entrĂ©e, and for dinner. Colonist wrote home about them and foreign visitors noted apple pie as one of our first culinary specialties...We cannot claim to have invented the apple pie, just to have perfected it." 

We also made lemon curd filled tarts.

Next we moved on to quiche. Our assignment was for quiche fromage (cheese quiche) but a couple of days ago I watched an episode of The Best Thing I Ever Ate on the Food Network that showcased the Quiche Lorraine at Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bakery and I was inspired.  Most Quiche Lorraine recipes call for bacon, onions, and sometimes gruyere; I used smoked bacon, shallots instead of onion, a combination of gruyere and parmesan cheese, and some wilted watercress for added pepperiness. It was so insanely rich and amazing. 


  1. Sarah you are amazing! I know I am gaining weight just looking at that apple pie, tarts and quiche! Do you ever hear from Sally? She was so happy that she was able to make that job connection for you - apparently not an easy thing to come by. We are so excited to see everyone at Easter in the desert! There might be an opportunity to do a little cooking, too!
    Love, Aunt Maggie

  2. Thanks Aunt Maggie! ...Sally played such a huge part in me landing my job with Tom Douglas - I am so beyond grateful. I am doing a 6 week externship in the kitchen with The Pebble Beach Company in May/June and then I'll be back up to work in one of Tom's kitchens- not sure which restaurant yet - but I'm super excited. Can't wait for Easter....thank you for your continued support of La Femme Epicure.... Love you!

  3. Maybe baking is in my future after all. The girls want to make triple berry pie with you. I want to host a black swan party just so I can see you make those swans.


  4. I will make absolutely anything the girlies want ....triple berry pie sounds divine. I believe a day of baking is in order!

  5. Sarah- I don't know how you find time to write & post the lovely pics on this blog, but I am so happy that you do! It is dripping with passion! Xoxoxo, Heidi :)

  6. Thanks for the kind words Heidi! xxx