Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 96

 We started the day off by finishing our tiramisu with a dusting of cocoa powder, cinnamon, and sugar. 

Next we baked the custard base for creme brulee ["burnt creme"].  Creme brulee is a thick luscious custard cream that is topped with a hard layer of caramel that is created by sprinkling the custard with sugar and using a blow torch to cook it into caramel. More to come on the hard caramel surface soon. 

We finished the day with cheesecake. Before we began working on our cakes, Chef Mah called us up to the front of the classroom to do a demo first. I noticed right away that he wasn't using a springform pan. I had never seen cheesecake made without one. 

Chef Mah noticed my shock and quickly informed me that "only fools use springform pans".  

Simple as that. Moving on. 

 I made a passionfruit cheesecake with vanilla bean and a chocolate cake crust. While the cake was baking I took some of the passionfruit puree and cooked it with some raspberry puree to create the most delicious sauce ever. The creamy richness of the cream cheese filling along with the tart bright flavor of the passionfruit was absolutely divine.  

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