Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 102

We spent the day gaining a better understanding of the art of seasoning by making Indian dishes.  Fact: curry powder is not an Indian creation - it was actually created by the British who were inspired by Indian masalas (mixtures of spices that are used in South Asian cuisines).  

In production we made Gosht Pulao [poo-lao] which is a stewed lamb dish with basmati rice that is found mostly in Pakistan/Northwestern India.  We also made Chicken Biryani [bur-yani] which is also from Pakistan and is made by layering basmati rice with meat, curry, and vegetables. Over the top layer of rice you pour spice infused ghee (caramelized clarified butter) and then finish it in the oven.  Next we made Yellow Split Pea and Vegetable Curry with Shrimp and Spiced Rice. Along with that we made Chapatis (indian flatbread) which is often called "rotis" and is made from atta flour or a mix of all-purpose and wheat flour. The flatbread was served with cucumber raita (spiced yogurt sauce) and za'atar (a dried herb condiment).  

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