Sunday, April 3, 2011

Virgin America

I just can't say enough about Virgin America Airlines.

I  flew non-stop from Seattle to Los Angeles last week and (as usual) it was a fantastic experience. I love the mood lighting, in-flight menu, free twitter, and touch screens on the back of each seat. They also name all of their planes (next time you fly look just below the cockpit and you will see it written on exterior of the fuselage). Some of my favorite names include "Mach Daddy", "An Airplane Named Desire", "Virgin & Tonic", and "Fog Cutter".

Lastly, I love the quirkiness of the staff. Right before takeoff...

"Please ensure your seat belts are low and tight across your waist just like J-Lo's jeans"

and right after landing at LAX...

 "Passengers, once in baggage claim, you will find your luggage at carousel "B", B-for-Botox, Welcome to Los Angeles"

During the flight I ordered a snack from the touch screen menu and some sparkling wine for a mimosa or  two (it was a full flight and I knew the bubbly would help relax me- not that I ever need an excuse to drink wine) .  My snack tray was called "Artisan Cheese and Fruit" and it included smoked gouda, camembert, cheddar and pepper jack, along with red grapes, toasted walnuts, dried apples, cranberries, apricots, and crostini from Rustic Bakery - solid. 

The sparkling wine was called Karma. It was a brut-style wine made from grapes in central California and it was super clean and crisp with flavors of melon and pear which means that it was perfect for mimosas. 

Added plus: the attendants offered 5 Hour Energy drinks complementary during the flight

Learn more about Virgin America HERE.

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