Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 121

Today we had a major burger throwdown...the ultimate burger competition.

 Our kitchen was filled with every protein you could imagine. We had to create an original burger and then present it for tasting and judging, etc. I teamed up with the fabulous Cassie Bacon (as two minds are always greater than one).  We had to grind our meat and create everything from scratch (minus the buns - as there just wasn't enough time to make bread on top of everything else).  Instead of using the issued buns, Cassie and I stopped by Macrina Bakery before class and picked up some gorgeous brioche buns.   

Our Creation: "Little Bo Greek"

A lamb burger stuffed with feta cheese and fresh mint leaves topped with heirloom tomato, shaved red onion, shredded iceberg, roasted red pepper ketchup, and jalapeno ginger yogurt sauce. We served it with deep fried chickpeas on the side and a pepperoncini spiked on a skewer through the burger. 

It was Awe-to-the-some. 

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