Friday, June 3, 2011

LBV Bottling

We bottled half of the 09' wine here at LBV (La Bella Vita) vineyard today. This year's labels were once again designed by my uber talented twin sister and they were created for both the Simms Tribe Garage Red (Cabernet Sauvignon) and the Simms Tribe Syrah. 

We call our ourselves a tribe because "family" doesn't quite cut it. You are born into your family and there isn't much say in the matter but with a tribe you choose to take part in that particular society and often times tribes have their own dialects, laws, and belief systems....much like our family. Our belief system is based on good food, wine, and even better company.  I am beyond grateful everyday that my best friends happen to be my family....can it get much more ideal than that?  Not really. 

We are planning to finish the bottling at the end of June. More pictures soon. 

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