Thursday, July 21, 2011

Watermelon Coolers

Summer = Watermelon

It's everywhere.

Currently, Seatown Seabar & Rotisserie, located down by Pike Place Market, is serving roasted chicken over grilled sweet corn tossed with watercress and radish alongside avocado puree and a square of guessed it...watermelon. 

Over Fourth of July weekend I enjoyed a Watermelon Mimosa at Portage Bay Cafe located here in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood. It was not only visually stunning but completely delicious and refreshing too... so perfect.

 Quite obviously the most simple way to enjoy watermelon is by chilling one and slicing it open. The only downside of this delicious summer treat is the utter size of them. The standard, large watermelons are heavy and take up half the room in your fridge (if they even fit in the first place) so next time you buy one think about pureeing half (or all of it) in your food processor and straining it for juice. The Wall Street Journal published an article this past Monday entitled "Seeds of Recognition" wherein it noted that the watermelon's 92% water, 8% sugar weight-breakdown blends and muddles better than any other citrus or melon selection.

Here are some ideas for utilizing watermelon in your favorite summer drinks: 

The Margarita:
 Use the usual suspects...fresh lime, tequila, triple sec plus a bit of watermelon juice

The Mojito: 
After muddling your mint, sugar, and lime, add fresh watermelon chunks and muddle that too before topping with your favorite rum and a bit of club soda

Combine fresh watermelon juice with your favorite lemonade or limeade. Spike with vodka for added fun 

Turn half of a hollowed watermelon into your actual punch bowl. Fill the "bowl" with watermelon juice and seltzer water for a bit of fizzy goodness. Ladle punch over glasses of crushed ice.

The Martini:
Add fresh watermelon juice to your favorite vodka or gin martini for a splash of sweetness and color, finish it with a squeeze of lemon for brightness.

The Mimosa:
Mix fresh watermelon juice with your favorite sparkling wine.

And while we are on the subject of watermelon I feel the need to recall the scene in 1987's Dirty Dancing when Johnny notices Baby at the after hours dance party.

"I carried a watermelon"

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