Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Top Pot Hand-Forged Doughnuts

Their story goes something like this...

 Two of the co-founders spied a vintage rustic (and rusty) neon sign gleaming above a boarded-up Chinese restaurant called "Topspot". They bought the sign, and then left it idle in a backyard for four years, further rusting and creating a home for raccoons. Then, when the sign was finally driven off to be restored, the center "S" fell off, leaving the words "Top Pot" behind. The sign became Top Pot's symbol of blending the old with the new. 

They opened their first location in February of 2002; it was a tiny storefront on North Capitol Hill in Seattle. Today you can find one of their tasty hand-forged doughnuts at one of six cafe locations all within the greater Puget Sound area. It doesn't matter which location you visit, just make sure you find one of them and get yourself a few of these delicious treats.  

I never leave with less than half a dozen (comes in a cute blue box) or sometimes if I'm feeling more indecisive than usual, a full dozen (comes in a cute pink box).  They have all of the retro favorites: old-fashioneds, fritters, bars, crullers, cakes, rings, filled-ones, sprinkles, boas, and often a few seasonal selections as well.  Top Pot carries about forty different types of doughnuts - something for everyone. 

I feel like I should also note that they roast their own coffee as well.  After they carefully select the beans from international (and sustainable) farmers they hand-roast them in small batches to ensure perfection. 

Check our their website for more information on the gloriousness that is Top Pot. 

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