Sunday, October 9, 2011


Wurstküche is a magical place. They call themselves a "Purveyor of Exotic Grilled Sausages". They are far more than that. They are a Purveyor of Happiness. They have truly conquered that fine line between tastiness and creativeness. There is something for everyone. 

You will find classic Bratwurst to gourmet Keilbasa to an exotic Rattlesnake and Rabbit with Jalapeno Peppers and everything else in-between (even a couple of vegetarian options). All sausages come with your choice of sweet peppers, spicy peppers, caramelized onions, or sauerkraut (first two toppings are free). 

There is a selection of self-serve mustards in squeeze bottles on the communal tables across the dining room; whole grain, dijon, spicy brown, honey mustard, and american yellow. Ketchup, too, for those of you that cannot live without your Heinz 57 (myself included). The sausages range in price from $5.75 to $7.50 and are served a la carte. 

They have created the perfect partner for their sausages: double-dipped belgian fries with a wide array of dipping sauce choices. The fries come in two sizes with the option to add a white truffle oil glaze for another buck and a half. Dipping sauces include delicious flavors such as Buttermilk Ranch, Sweet and Sassy BBQ, Thai Peanut, Curry Ketchup, Pesto Mayo, and my favorite ...Blue Cheese Walnut and Bacon. 

They've also got 24 rotating beers on tap - mostly Belgian and German selections - and a bunch of bottled beers, and specialty sodas as well. Their back bar has a few solid wine selections too. 

I visited the downtown LA location where you enter and order then take your number around the corner to the dining room and back bar where you wait for your order to be delivered. The space is simple and cozy. Lots of exposed brick, cement, and wood. Communal dining tables fill the center of the space and then there are smaller two and four tops sprinkled around the edges of the room. There is also a cute little outdoor patio area with seating as well. 

They operate Monday-Sunday from 11am until Midnight (kitchen) and 2am (bar). 

They currently have two locations: Downtown LA and Venice Beach

Go. Now. Do it. 

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