Thursday, November 3, 2011

DIY Thanksgiving Sparkle

I love food. I love sparkle. I love DIY projects. 

Buy a couple of bunches of dried corn with husk still attached at your local grocery store (they are usually near the pumpkins and gourds) and then pick up a few cans of metallic silver and gold spray paint. Lay out some painters plastic or newspaper and spray the cobs ..some gold...some silver.  

Once they are dry you can create an ultra chic Thanksgiving centerpiece (or host gift, etc). 

On a closing note, my sister called me this morning to announce that Martha Stewart was on the air with Ryan Seacrest and when Ryan noted that stores seem to go straight from Halloween to Christmas completely leaving Thanksgiving in the dusk, Martha said that there is "always time for is not a commercial holiday, you have to remember that. Thanksgiving is a national holiday and we are celebrating thanks. 

Well said, Martha. 

Later in the show Martha said that you must "work harder and perfect your recipes" before the holiday season. She has no mercy on those who serve dishes without practicing them first.  

Naturally, I wouldn't expect anything less from the Queen of Craft herself. With that being said, there are only 21 days left until Thanksgiving!

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