Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fresh Citrus Margaritas

These are the most delicious margaritas ever and they don't require sweet and sour mix or any additional sugar or sweetener. Instead, just a blend of fresh citrus juice including, blood orange, lime, tangerine, and meyer lemon. The blood orange juice gives the margaritas a gorgeous pinkish peach hue which totally adds to the overall visual appeal. The tangerines add natural sweetness which aids in balancing out the sour notes of the meyer lemon and lime juices. Juicing your own citrus always requires a little bit more work but I promise the end result is worth it!

Also, make sure you use 100% agave tequila. If it doesn't state so clearly on the tequila bottle label, it is mostly likely only 51% agave meaning that the bottle contains additives and fillers like fructose and glucose sugars, glycerin, and caramel coloring. yuck. 

Fresh Citrus Margaritas 
makes 4-6

6 blood oranges, juiced
4 meyer lemons, juiced
6 tangerines, juiced 
10 limes, juiced

100% agave tequila
grand marnier 
Kosher Salt

1. Juice all citrus and chill

2. using a wedge of citrus, wet the rim of your glass and then dip into salt
3. fill glass with ice
4. add 2 oz of tequila and then fill with juice mixture. top with a float of grand marnier. 
5. enjoy!!

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