Monday, January 7, 2013

Radishes + Butter + Sea Salt

This doesn't really qualify as a "recipe" so-to-speak but more so a simple combination of ingredients that makes for a delicious snack or appetizer. 

For some of you this will be a questionable combination but trust me and try it. 

This is one of those times when we must do as the French do and enjoy one of life's simplest pleasures....raw baby radishes, softened plugra, sea salt, and a crusty baguette.  

I like to go to the farmers market and find springtime radishes (the little circular ones) or French breakfast radishes (the long white ones with pink tips) and then for butter, Plugra is ideal but any high quality unsalted one will do. For the sea salt, I love flake salt (Jacobsen or Maldon) or Fleur de Sel (technically pond salt) or Pink Himalayan or even Smoked Black Lava. Take your pick.

Remember, Radishes will start to soften and wilt as soon as they are picked so try and buy them with their leaves on and don't put them out until just before you are ready to serve them. If you are in a pinch you can crisp them up in cold water to refresh them. 

Radishes + Butter + Sea Salt 

Serve with Crusty Bread and a couple of small knives so guests can smear and spread as they please. 

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