Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Can you Dig it?

Last night, amongst family and friends, we ate for a cause. 

Chef Charles Phan (of The Slanted Door) came down from San Francisco to cook with hometown favorite, Chef David LeFevre (of MB Post) to benefit the organization Common Threads, whose mission is to teach children about nutrition and to foster an appreciation of cultural diversity through cooking. The meal featured organic produce from local farmer, Maryann Carpenter (of Coastal Farms). 

First Course
Hamachi by Chef Phan
w/ crispy shallot & thai basil

Second Course
Clams by Chef Phan
with pork, chili, tiny heirloom tomatoes, ginger & thai basil 

Ginger Shrimp Dumplings by Chef LeFevre 
w/ black sesame, chili oil, & scallions 

Third Course
Crispy Fragrant Duck by Chef Phan 
w/ watercress 

Confit Pork Belly by Chef LeFevre
w/ spring onion strewn wild rice, sweet corn, & padron peppers

Classic Soft Serve by Chef Phan
w/ stonefruit, olive oil, & streusel
Thai Tea Panna Cotta by Chef LeFevre
w/ lychee, puffed forbidden rice & white chocolate 

Such a great evening!! 

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