Wednesday, November 13, 2013

For the Hostess with the Mostest

Holiday party season is upon us - I can't believe we are halfway through November! 

Party Rule Numero Uno:  Never ever show up empty-handed

When it comes to this sort of gift - thoughtfulness is everything and I highly recommend buying them in advance. Nothing is worse than scrambling and getting all frazzled en route to an event as you are looking for a place to stop and pick something up on the fly.  

Also, if you plan in advance you can save yourself a couple bucks too! For example, my go-to bubbly is Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label and my favorite place to buy it is Costco where you get bottom line pricing ($42 a bottle) versus my corner liquor store that marks the same bottle up to $68. During the holidays, keep half a case on hand so that you aren't paying more than you need to for champagne!

Same goes for other gifts - if you find the perfect candle (see my pick below) make sure to snag a few so you have one ready to go next time you are heading out the door to a dinner party or cocktail soiree.

Here are my picks for this season's best host/hostess gifts! 

#1 Kate Spade Wine Tote - Pop a bottle of your favorite bubbly inside
#2 Heath Ceramics Holiday Candle - Add a pretty box of matches along with it
#3  Brass Fox Cocktail Shaker - Pair with a bottle of your favorite gin or vodka

#4 Dancing Deer Tea Towel - Pair with a bottle of good Olive Oil
#5 Spoon & Salt Well Set - Pair with some Fancy Sea Flake or Lava Salt
#6 Market Printed Growlers - Perfect for your favorite beer lover

#7 Cocktail Chatter Napkins - Pair with a bottle of Bubbly
#8 Limited Edition Gold Monogram Mugs - Pair with a bag of Coffee or Loose Leaf Tea
#9 Reindeer Antler Bottle Opener - Pair with a 6-pack of Craft Beer

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