Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I just CANNOT get enough of Cherry Bombe Magazine. I picked up issue No. 2 the other day and fell in love. A beautifully curated magazine with a focus on women and food. The layout and design is perfection. Love love love. Subscribe HERE

Also dying over Food52's new Provisions shop section of their site - some fabulous finds! 

2. Vintage Oyster Forks (set of two) $40
3. French Steak Knives (set of two) $160

The 71st Annual Golden Globes is this upcoming Sunday (1/12) and delicious snacks are a must for your viewing party. For a no-hassle evening, pick up a couple of cheeses and olives for a beautiful snack tray that you can assemble in advance so that you don't miss any key moments of the show! 

Here's a look at how to do it: 

-Pick 3-4 cheeses (or 2-3 cheeses and some sliced charcuterie)
-Pick a selection of olives  and your favorite type of nuts
-Pick up some dates or dried figs or other yummy dried fruit 
-Add fresh grapes and your favorite crackers or crostini 
 -I always like to include one spread, jam, or honey too
-Garnish with a couple of sprigs of fresh herbs - rosemary and thyme are perfect 

Boom. Awesome Snack Tray. 

Pair with some bubbly - the stars will be drinking plenty of bedazzled bottles of Moet & Chandon!

In other news - I've been totally inspired by Andy Ricker's recently released Pok Pok cookbook - I may or may not have gone a little nuts stocking up on Thai ingredients and tools at online the Thai supermarket, ImportFood.com. I highly recommend it for fast, easy shipping and they even offer fresh hard-to-find fresh produce like green papaya and fresh kaffir lime leaves. 

Lastly, I'm almost a week into my 21-day clean gut cleanse and every morning has started with a smoothie. 

Here's a cold hard fact: Smoothie's aren't super fun to drink without a straw. 

Thanks to Amazon Prime there was a box of 200 neon smoothie straws (they are slightly thicker than normal drinking straws) in less than 48 hours. 

Happy Blending!  

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