Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I received my first Tonx Coffee delivery and I'm already obsessed.  

Why so obsessed? I'll tell you. 
This week's coffee was from The Murago washing station in the province of Muyinga, in the eastern part of Burundi, East Africa. Murago is comprised of hundreds of small producers growing Bourbon and Mbirizi variety coffee. These particular beans are from a company called Kalico which is completely female owned and operated by a woman named Angele Ciza. She employs 100 other women and helps cover the educational costs for the children of these women.  

Murago is a spiced cup with a full body, and flavors of brown sugar, berry, and mulled cider. Love it. 

Oh and I got some super rad new magnetic lenses for my iPhone. 

via PhotoJoJo

The fisheye is my fav so far. 

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And lastly, I thought we could talk about wooden spoons today too. Every home cook should have a couple of wooden spoons - I like olive wood and teak ones. I recently got a couple of Berard Spoons - they are handmade in France (since 1892) using 100% Mediterranean olive wood.  

Why are wooden spoons so awesome? 

Well, they are super sturdy for mixing and stirring while at the same time delicate enough to not scratch your cookware. The are also naturally resistant to bacteria as long as you continue to care for them properly. Never put them in the dishwasher or soak them for extended periods of time. Season them once a month so that they keep their shiny luster. 

How to Sanitize & Season your Wooden Spoons in 3 Steps: 

1. Wash with mild dish soap and warm water. Let air dry about half-way before Step 2 
2. Sanitize your spoons by mixing 1 part white vinegar to 5 parts warm water in a bowl and then let your spoons soak in the mixture for a couple of minutes. Remove,  rinse with warm water, and let air dry completely (usually takes 24 hours to completely dry).
3. Rub with food safe mineral oil. Let dry (you can place in a 350 degree oven for 2 minutes to quicken this process- let cool before using). Check out my post on How to Love Your Wood for more on my favorite mineral oil. 

Note: Repeat the process anytime you need to re-sanitize your spoons - usually after working with raw meat, or strong smelling ingredients, etc. 

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