Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Things I'm loving this week: 

Chef Cris Comerford and Pastry Chef Bill Yosses have taken over the White House Instagram feed in preparation for the State Dinner for France hosted by President Obama last night.  

How stunning is this Winter Garden Salad course featuring herbs from the White House Kitchen Garden and a vinaigrette with honey from the beehives on the South Lawn. 

Follow @Whitehouse on Instagram for more inside peeks! 

Harper's Bazaar launched their own emoji app in honor of New York Fashion Week.  Favorites include green juice, bubbly, macarons, and the soul cycle bike! Download the app for free!  

For those of you who haven't been to Disneyland recently, let me remind you, it's still the happiest place on earth. My nieces were in town for a few days from Oregon and we spent 2 days in Disneyland and 1 day in California Adventure and it's official: the food is better in California Adventure. Overall, there seemed to be more options too. The biggest plus is that there is beer everywhere in the park and you won't find any alcohol in Disneyland unless you happen to have access to Club 33.  And let's be seriously NEED a cold beer after spending a day in one of these parks.  I'm missing these little munchkins already. 

Sometimes I forget how close I live to the beach. Kelly and I made a pact to take more walks this year and spend more time at the beach. We killed two birds with one stone on Monday when we took a sunset stroll down at Santa Monica beach. We found ourselves at Shutters on the Beach afterwards drinking French rose and snacking on potato chips as the sun went down. 

Perfect end to the day. 

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