Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Project Breakfast LA

This past weekend I got to take part in an incredible pop-up - the first of its kind - called Project Breakfast. Basically it was a gathering of really good people doing a really good project and eating really good food together.  I collaborated on the event with my twin sister, Boo, of Wylie West Creative and our dear gal pal Jami Curl, founder of Quin Candy. We are hoping to announce future event dates for 2015 in the next month or two, so stay tuned! 

We were lucky enough to have one of our favorite photographers on hand to capture of all of the magic - huge thank you to Andrea Patricia Photography for these stunning images. Additional thanks to Renee Kalmar at the Historic Hudson Studios for inviting us into your beautiful space (and treating us to early morning rainbow-sprinkled doughnuts!) Also to Amy Paliwoda of The Surface Library for the beautiful trays, flatware, and platters used during our meal.

Here was my menu for the breakfast >>>
 (design and layout by Wylie West Creative)


  1. Sarah: This event looked amazing! Breakfast is my favorite meal. The menu and the atmosphere looked fabulous. I hope your 2015 dates will be open to the public!

  2. Melissa - Thank you!! and YES! We will be doing one in Portland next month and there hopefully another in LA very soon - in fact, we are meeting today to discuss our 2015 schedule for Project Breakfast. xx