Friday, March 20, 2015

Darling Dinner No. 14

Last Thursday was not your average Thursday. 

I cooked dinner for Darling Magazine as guest chef for one of their monthly "Darling Dinners". My sister, Boo, of Wylie West Creative handled the event design and our pal Kara graciously let us host the dinner at her intimate loft space in Downtown Los Angeles. The ticketed dinner was available to ladies only with the goal of promoting conversation amongst women - the theme of our dinner was JOY.  Our favorite photographer, Andrea, of Andrea Patricia Photography,  tagged along to shoot the event. Here are some of the incredible moments she captured from a truly memorable evening. 

Boo and I created a special favor for each of the dinner guests to take home. A vial of peach-hued Murray River flake salt, harvested from the Murray / Darling River Basin. We were so grateful to have generous contributions from Union Wine Company and Farmbox LA, both which helped to make the evening extra special. 



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